VIDA VERDE Las Terrenas

Be amazed by a brand new vegetarian and creative cuisine. A very special experience by Sonia and Thierry in their beautiful villa.

In a sumptuous tropical garden extremely relaxing you will discover a new incredible gastronomy prepared with vegetables and fruits mainly. Subtles and fully surprising tastes that might change your possible preconceived ideas about vegan or vegetarian cuisine.

A meal at Vida Verde is also an opportunity to discuss with your hosts all the benefits of an healthy food leading to different way of life style as well as raising your personal energy level. An authentic sharing moment.

To move a step further your experience at Vida Verde, Sonia gives cooking classes allowing you to remake the vegetal experience in the heart of your sweet home. Thierry as well proposes Physiology and Health coaching around a new harmony between our incredibly smart body and wise daily food decision.

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